In the News: Nonprofit Mergers, No-Kill Shelters, and more…

From “no-kill” animal shelters and nonprofit pubs to layoffs and nonprofit mergers, check out the latest nonprofit news.

1. “No-Kill” Shelters: Aspirational or False Advertising?

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Here we are again with another story of a healthy animal killed in a no-kill animal shelter. This one concerns a 17-year-old dog named Boni who took off on a jaunt that ended in euthanasia not 24 hours later at the no-kill Manatee County Animal Services shelter in Florida. The veterinarian who took it upon herself to put down the relatively healthy, albeit old, dog justified the act in notes that described a “geriatric patient with numerous problems and poor quality of life. Patient seems to be in pain and suffering.”

2. A nonprofit pub that's good for what ales you

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Portland, Oregon has become known as the hipster center of the U.S.A., thanks to all the bike riders and backyard chicken coops, food trucks and artisanal coffee. But as our correspondent Luke Burbank discovered, there’s something new brewing in Portland: call it “ale-truism.”

3. Fire department, nonprofit train paramedics in Honduras

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Maggie Ducayet has made more trips than she can count down to Honduras, where she and her nonprofit, Summit in Honduras, work to improve the lives of people living in remote village areas. So, experienced as she is, she expected the packing to take most of the afternoon.

4. Layoffs Continue At Brand-Name Nonprofits

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The discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) will mean the loss of 22 jobs at the Clinton Foundation, effective April 15. It is the third well-known nonprofit to announce layoffs during the past two weeks.

5. Nonprofit Mergers: New Study Sees Strategy and Success - Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations

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Funders who believe that a field may be well served by a merger or two would do well to watch their language and make a pot of capital available for explorations. How about making those explorations a little less charged?

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