In the News: Combating Nonprofit Turnover and More…

From turnover issues to adjusting to the Trump era, here are some nonprofit headlines you may have missed during the last few weeks.

1. High Nonprofit Frontline Turnover Rates Require Focus and Collective Chutzpah

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When the outcome of an effort to reduce the turnover rate of essential nonprofit staff ends up at a 25% rate, you have a workforce problem—and that problem will take collective effort to address.

2. This Nonprofit Is Saving Kids—and Taxpayer Money

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When David Anderson began asking volunteers in Chicago to host children from high-risk families to give them a break, he never imagined his idea would take off.

3. Nonprofits And President Trump’s First 100 Days

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Steps toward healthcare and tax reform are expected to be among the initial priorities in Donald Trump’s first 100 days in the oval office. During a webinar representatives of Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization Independent Sector previewed what nonprofit leaders can expect early on in Trump’s presidency and detailed how the organization will engage moving forward.

4. Nonprofit opens hundreds of beds for homeless during cold stretch

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An Arctic cold front will bring frigid conditions to Portland with subfreezing temperatures beginning Sunday. Conditions like these can be particularly brutal, especially for the homeless. The day shelter at Transition Projects is going to be one of two emergency, around the clock shelters opening up as the new snow hits. In total, the agency is going to be providing 200-250 extra beds.

5. Three Major Nonprofit Trends For 2017

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Many marketing trends for traditional businesses have become important for nonprofits too, which also need to improve engagement with their audiences and donors. While we have to be sensitive in terms of the stories we share, storytelling will become one of the most important marketing tools for us in 2017 because it provides a way to connect with the emotions that help drive donor engagement and ongoing support. Our audience is then able to feel how they are assisting those that come to our nonprofit for help and that then drives them to continue providing financial support and time.

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