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The average American consumes a lot of calories each year. While most Americans have the luxury to choosing where or when to eat, it is not the reality for nearly 800 million people around the globe. According to the Word Food Programme around 795 million people consumes an inefficient amount of calories to live productive lives. They also have to contend with natural disasters, diseases, and unstable social infrastructure. Fortunately, there are organizations working to help those who are unable to help themselves. The Catholic Relief Services was founded by the Catholics Bishops of the United States in the 1940’s to aid the destitute and defenseless around the world.

Co-Founders of Catholic Relief Services                       

Catholic Bishops of the United States

Mission of Catholic Relief Services           

“Catholic Relief Services carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas. We are motivated by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cherish, preserve and uphold the sacredness and dignity of all human life, foster charity and justice, and embody Catholic social and moral teaching as we act to:

PROMOTE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies; and,

SERVE CATHOLICS IN THE UNITED STATES as they live their faith in solidarity with their brothers and sisters around the world.

As part of the universal mission of the Catholic Church, we work with local, national and international Catholic institutions and structures, as well as other organizations, to assist people on the basis of need, not creed, race or nationality.”

History of Catholic Relief Services

In 1943, Catholic Relief Services was created to assist refugees from the war-ravaged Europe. The organization was established by the Roman Catholic Bishops of the United States with the intent to serve those who were impacted during WW2.  Originally, Catholic Relief Services assisted European refugees, but 70 years later their mission expanded to serve and provide needed assistance to the vulnerable people around the world. Catholic Relief Services draws its inspiration from the gospel of Jesus Christ. During the 1950’s, the Catholic Relief Services transitioned from Europe to help those in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. To maximize their efforts to help under-developed communities, they began to develop and improve the social infrastructure. Today the Catholic Relief Services is rank 33 out of the top 100 largest charities in the United States with a revenue of 720 million.

Impact of Catholic Relief Services

For the past 70 years, the Catholic Relief Services has had a tremendous impact on individuals throughout the world. The CharityWatch website gave the Catholic Relief Services an A+ based on its ratings of nonprofit organizations. The Catholic Relief Services with the help of their staff, numbering 5,000, has helped serve 100,000,000 people in 93 countries. The Catholic Relief Services has many humanitarian projects including education, justice and peace-building, Microfinance, HIV relief, mobile technology, partnership and capacity strengthening. The Catholic Relief Services is renowned for three programs: the Agriculture Program, which reaches 51 countries and accomplished 283 projects; the Emergency Response & Recovery program (ERR), which makes up 30% of their total overseas efforts and is being implemented in 64 countries; and the Health Program, which is being used to help 49 countries.


The Catholic Relief Services is an organization with a long rich history. Founded by Catholic Bishops of the United States, the Catholic Relief Services works to help the needy.The non-organization has helped millions of people around the world. Today, the Catholic Relief Services is one of the biggest charities in the United States.

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