Developing a Healthier World, One Family at a Time: MAP International

According to the World Bank Group, “nearly 767 million people in the world live on less than $1.90 a day.” (Leary, 2016). Even more alarming an estimated 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. Although these problems may be invisible to some of us, that does not make these problems any less horrifying. Charities like MAP International are stepping in and trying to ease the burden of poverty in the lives of people around the world.

Founder of MAP International

Dr. J. Raymond Knighton

Mission of MAP International

MAP International is a worldwide Christian organization that partners with people living in poverty to save lives and develop a healthier world. The mission of MAP International is “to advance the total health of people living in the world’s poorest communities.

History of MAP International

MAP International, otherwise known as Medical Assistance Programs International, was founded in 1954 by Dr. J. Raymond Knighton who was then the first executive director of the Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDS). Dr. Knighton founded MAP to prevent diseases, provide medical supplies abroad, and respond to areas that have been effected by natural disasters. The first major project of MAP International involved supplying eleven tons of medical supplies donated by the Shering Corporation and Eli Lilly to developing areas abroad.

Impact of MAP International

MAP International is recognized for its 99% efficiency rating and was given a rating of 100 for both accountability and financial liability by Charity Navigator. According to MAP International’s income statement from the fiscal year 2015, the organization brought in “total revenues of $547,123,036 with 99% of that coming from contributions and donations.” (MAP International, 2016). With total expenses tallying $486,528,185, that gives MAP International a net income of $139,584,179. In 2015 alone, MAP International responded to five natural and man-made disasters, providing medicines and medical supplies valued at over $39 million. The number of people impacted by MAP International in 2015 totaled up to 10,000,000 people in over 94 different countries. The nonprofit organization also continued to fight the Ebola virus in 2015 by providing over $15 million in aid to West Africa. MAP International delivered over $470,000,000 in medical supplies in 2015 and was also one of the first responding organizations to the Nepal Earthquake. After witnessing the organization’s incredible respond time and efficiency, Reddit and CNN named MAP as one of their “select relief charities.”(Reddit, 2016).


For the past 63 years, MAP International has been providing medical supplies and promoting health care around the world with the hope of reducing world poverty. The company operates with a 99% efficiency rating and was rated “the 23th largest charity” by Forbes magazine (Barrett, 2016). The rapidly growing organization has no plan of slowing down its efforts in 2017 as it has already assisted thousands of Syrian refugees who have been caught in the escalating crisis. MAP International continues saving the world one treatment, one person at a time.

Key Takeaways

  • MAP International was founded by Dr. J Raymond Knighton in 1954 and is dedicated to providing quality health care to people in poverty.

  • The organization is one of the largest charities in the world, bringing in total revenues of over $547,000,000 and with a net income of over $139,000,000.

  • They have provided aid to over 94 different countries including Nepal and numerous countries in West Africa.

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