| Anybody can learn is a nonprofit that believes every student should have the chance to study computer science. Wishing to increase diversity in the field of computer science, wants to reach students of all backgrounds. wants to increase the number of women and minorities participating in computer science.

With easy to follow lessons and correlating teaching guides, the courses that provides can be accessed online by anyone. The first learning program they have is called “An Hour of Code.” True to its name, each lesson in this category is the length of an hour. Here the lessons are tailored to young students with themes like Star Wars and characters like Anna from the movie Frozen. Despite the fun, child-friendly themes, suggests that anyone from 6 to 106 can benefit from their computer science lessons. Code Studio is the second service that students can use at Each tutorial in the Code Studio is a course created by or one of its partners. Aiming to teach students specific aspects of the world of computers, these lessons include developing skills like working with JavaScript or making apps on phones or tablets. They also have information for teachers on how to have “unplugged” computer science lessons if computers are not accessible.

To get involved, students, teachers, and other willing individuals can simply go online to and start learning, no strings attached. If individuals are looking to support’s mission, donations can be made to online or through the purchase of their merchandise. One can also advocate for computer science in his or her local schools or host an hour of code lesson for students in his or her area. This organization is an inspiration to many to learn, participate, and teach computer science. With this organization, more children and students from all backgrounds are being given the opportunity to learn computer science.

1. Anybody can learn |

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“Our children — including our girls —,need the opportunity to learn computer science.” “These skills have changed my future. Not to mention, it's just plain fun," says Luna, 7th grade. “Computer science can unlock,the best opportunities in the world," Satya, CEO of Microsoft. 2.5 million girls are enrolled to learn on Code Studio.

3. New Education Bill to Get More Coding in Classrooms - Digits - WSJ

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The sweeping bipartisan education bill signed into law Thursday contained a nugget of good news for the tech industry: computer science has been recognized as important an academic subject as math and English.

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