9 Non-conventional Items to Donate

The act of giving is very important. According to Giving USA, Americans gave an estimated $358.38 billion to charity in 2014.  Although there are tons of donations that accumulate throughout the year, there are many simple but necessary items that run scarce.

Besides canned goods and t-shirts, below is a list of some other necessary items to consider donating.

1. Toilet Paper

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Everybody uses toilet paper. This is a necessity. Donation centers are always looking for more toilet paper donations.

2. Diapers

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Babies receive tons of donations every year. Most of these donations include clothing and toys rather than what they really need, which is diapers and other baby care products.

3. Travel-size Bath Essentials

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Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and body wash are all really important and necessary items. Travel size items are great because they don't take up very much space and are easy to handle.

4. Dental Hygiene Products

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Dental hygiene products are another necessity. Dental health can become unaffordable without health insurance, so things like: toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and fluoride are great and simple products to donate.

5. Female Hygiene Products

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Female hygiene products are another necessity and can be very expensive. They can become a financial burden for some families. These products are great to donate especially when they go on sale.

6. School Supplies for the Middle of the School Year

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Some families don't have the means to get their children school supplies so these donations are really important. Donation centers receive many school supplies at the beginning of the school year but by the middle of the year, all the supplies are gone.

7. Socks and Underwear

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Everybody wears socks and underwear. They are the most needed items at the homeless shelters. Socks and underwear are great items to donate because they are cheap and easy to find.

8. Blankets

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Blankets are always needed, regardless of the temperatures outside. Blankets are necessary items for those who don't have always have access to heated shelters or even those who sleep on the streets. They are simple yet great items to donate.

9. Gently-Used Bicycles

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Gently-used bikes are great donations. Some people have no means of transportation so by donating your used bike, you would be helping them have a form of transportation to get to work.

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