5 Links to Help Your Nonprofit Presentations

For many people, having to give a presentation fills them with terror. But presentations are often a fact of life for individuals working in the nonprofit sector. Here are some tips to improve your presentations.

1. Making the presentation more than just pretty

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When it comes to presenting financial information, most people want to know if they are in for a big windfall and, if not, why they are being bothered at all. In organizational meetings, most people want to know that the organization is in for a big windfall and, if not, why they are being bothered [...]

2. 112 Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas, Marketing Tips & Cace Studies You Can’t Miss

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From #batkid to #GivingTuesday, the Next Generation of American Giving to Content Marketing for Nonprofits, storytelling to social fundraising, retention rates to relationship building, the roundup below covers it all (and everything in between).

3. Nonprofit Storytelling: Seven Tips for Sharing Stories About Your Work

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With nonprofit storytelling, a great story versus a good story can make the difference between keeping your donors and volunteers connected or losing them to the next good cause. Make sure to put a face on your work every day.

4. Not for Profit Business Presentation Ideas

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Business presentations are commonly used by not-for-profit organizations to inform groups of their work with the ultimate objective of generating more members, donors or supporters--and more funding. Effective presentations can be very useful tools for raising awareness and generating support. Not-for-profit organizations can put a variety of presentation ideas to use to achieve better results.

5. Presentation skills - Tips

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Top tips for developing your public speaking skills - including managing your nerves and how to use your voice properly.

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